Red Spider-Robin

Here’s a drawing for R.E.B.’s DC Jam over at the CBR Boards…. A ‘Secret Wars/Convergence/Amalgam style mash-up.

Red Robin Spider colour
This is Red Robin done as part of the Spider family. The hood is inspired by Spider Gwen, and I realised that the curves on that right arm are very ‘inspired’ by Judicator Prime’s drawing style (another CBR Board member). These jams are great places to experiment, and I’m trying to develop my own style with these drawings. I’m happy with the costume design, especially the way that the different elements fused together… But I’m frustrated about the smudging effect on the cape, and the loss of clarity on the edges to the legs. I tried to tidy it up, but that wasn’t working so I left it as is… Hopefully to amend/tidy up at some point. I’ve become increasingly aware that I’m only scratching the surface of Manga Studio 5EX’s potential, and I really need to get more clued up about it. NEXT STEP: Download the Manual!!!

By Adam

Currently working on Dasie Litral & The Mystery Camera Boy