This is Jaci Proudstar….. Warpath!
Done on my Wacom Cintiq 12WX for the Draw me an X-Jam (gender-swapped) over in the X-Books forum on Comic Book Resources.
I still have a LOT to learn about drawing in this medium!!!

Draw me an X-Jam

A new Marvel Jam has started over on the CBR Boards. It’s a gender-swapping X-Jam!

Just what I needed as an incentive to get drawing again. It’s so challenging to find time to do this with a demanding day job.

My first choice is number 26…. and that is….. Banshee!

Great costume, so I’ll try and get on it this week.

Photo Gallery

Been trying out different gallery plug-ins. Currently trying the Simple Photo Gallery and it seems spot on. Really responsive and easy to use.

(Additional: later switched to Portfolio plugin)

Twenty Thirteen

Twenty Thirteen is working a treat. Nice clean design. My favourite theme so far. Think I’ll stick with this one for now.

Draw a Spiderman Jam at CBR

This is the first time I’ve taken part in a ‘Jam’ and it’s great to see all the different pictures being posted. So far I’ve been given: Mysterio, Scream, and Tombstone. If I get Tombstone done next weekend I’ll hopefully have time to do 2 more characters.

The final Jam piece will hopefully be posted up in at the start of December by the organiser, CBR username: EternalSiryn.

Check out the thread here:


And if you’re interested give it a go and pick a number!

Ok! Next up…. I check to see how to insert links! 🙂