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The Artist’s Way

I’ve recommitted to The Artist’s Way course (Julia Cameron). I tried it once before, about 5 years ago, but I was in a much more difficult place then, and I gave up after a month or so. Feeling more positive about it now, thanks to support, and hopeful it will help me with artistic development & especially with the comic.

This current page (9) of comic has felt stuck for a while now, but there’s hope in recent meditations that movement & healing will find a way into the story. Old patterns need to be identified & broken for positive transformation to take place. It’s so important right now to stay positive & not get pulled back into the black cloud of depression.

Everybody is on their own unique journey, and compassion for that feels so important right now. If a broken guy is rebuilding himself through a comic: cut him some slack 🙂

By Adam

Currently working on Dasie Litral & The Mystery Camera Boy