Warlock (X-Jam)

R.E.B.’s got a new Jam up on the CBR Boards:
X-Jam with a ‘through the ages’ theme.

My first pick got me Warlock… and I had an idea for Adam Warlock as a prehistoric shaman. It was only a couple of days later that it started to dawn on me… This is an X-Jam…. When was Adam Warlock ever in the X-Men…? The penny dropped that I should be drawing everyone’s favourite Technarch… the New Mutant Warlock. Doh!
I had an idea for New Mutant Warlock, but still wanted to complete my Adam Warlock idea, so I did both…

Prehistoric alien tech that encoded itself in cave art…. Technarch Warlock is a cave painting come to life…

Warlock New Mutants

Trapped in time, a Shaman from beyond our reality, protector of the Soul Gem, and only just beginning to realise the full scope of his mission…. here is prehistoric Adam Warlock:

Warlock Adam

Next up: 1920s Kitty Pryde! I’m feeling hemmed in by the limitations of my ‘sketchy’ style, and will try to open up to developing my drawing technique.

By Adam

Currently working on Dasie Litral & The Mystery Camera Boy