CYPORG & The Mystery of the Disappearing Twitter Impressions……

Fan art

I tweeted this last week, with hashtag of Cyporg, and within a couple of days (maybe thanks to a ‘like’ from Mark Hammil on Twitter) it had over 7,300 ‘impressions’ (views) showing on Twitter Analytics, so was showing as my most popular tweet of the month so far.
Bizarrely, 2 days ago, on Twitter Analytics the impressions showed as totalling 1,300, so over 6,000 had just ‘disappeared’. And this morning the total impressions of this tweet have dropped to 266!

Strange… Could this be the combined forces of the First Order & Darkseid waging war against this powerful mash-up?
Who knows…. 😉

3 Replies to “CYPORG & The Mystery of the Disappearing Twitter Impressions……”

  1. Earlier today it was back up to 7,654 impressions, now it’s down to 158. Like a yo-yo. Twitter Analytics seems like a very inconsistent & unreliable tool.

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