Grant Morrison Glyph and Adam Ianbarry Cave Sketch

Morrison Ianbarry Cave Sketch
Cut and pasted from my CAF Gallery:
I met Grant at the Edinburgh Book Festival in August 2013, which was a real pleasure. We had an energised discussion about cave art, and I explained to him the theme of my sketch book, which he showed a lot of enthusiasm for. Grant was kind enough to think of a Glyph for his ‘cave wall’ which he drew in my book. I had the idea that I would draw him discovering the glyph in the book, however this idea’s been on a bit of a transformative journey over the last year and 3/4. I was finally in the right place to do my part of the drawing today, but in true Morrisonian fashion the person in the picture appears to look less like Grant and more like…. me.

By Adam

Currently working on Dasie Litral & The Mystery Camera Boy