Lock Screen

Webcomic page I’m working on at home is the lock screen on my phone. Had a flurry of ideas today & now I feel a million miles away from my drawing board. Having my little black book with me to jot ideas down has been really important today.

Dasie Litral page 5

Page 5 complete. Themes of safety & danger will be important in the story as Dasie develops strategies to not over travel through time, but also effectively manage anxiety! 🙂

Think I’ll need to use some white out on this page. Not happy with: Inspector/Insect’s claws need highlights as they’re lost in the darkness. Also overworked the face in the Sun (The pencils were better, but too much hatching spoiled it). The word ‘Danger’ also needs tidying up.

Dasie Litral cover A

A blog post of the Dasie Litral cover A inks so I can tweet a TwitterCard. Couldn’t figure out how to do it from the portfolio (note to self: autocorrect typing is the enemy of this comic: Need to be on my guard!)