Dasie Litral prep

The first table at a ‘comic con’!
Page 1 pencils ‘in progress’
Drawing board with Dasie page in progress
Integrating the Ark from Sunderland Uni project: 25 years later
Sketching out the Sun and the Moon
First pencil sketch of the family in the life raft in the storm.

Dasie is looking for the photo… & so’s her father… but we’ll get there!

Still trying to figure Gutenberg out! 

  • Lighthouse! Initial pencils. 
    Gutenberg WordPress plugin has really changed things behind the scenes here! 
Starting on page 3 inks
Adding some more detail 
The Comic Convention page is still ‘under construction’
Page 3 shaping up
Tighter pencils & starting some inks
Tightening up the pencils some more, and building up the inks
For Inktober 2018 I inked the bell on this developing page. Based on a PRECIOUS memory. 
Close up of the bell 
Inktober 2018 Flowing: Dasie encounters the TimeSlip.
Inktober 2018 Spell: a Lynx patronus. Practice piece for what Dasie’s 48,000 year old guide might look like in the TimeSlip.
Inktober 2018 Clock: a TimeSlip practice piece for Dasie Litral 
Inktober 2018 Angular: another TimeSlip practice piece for Dasie Litral.
Inktober 2018 Thunder: the clouds are clearing for the family in Dasie’s imaginary play. 
Inktober 2018 Expensive: another Dasie Litral practice piece.
Inktober 2018 Gift: the pocket watch that was a gift to Dasie Litral from her father Evan, handed down from her grandfather & great grandfather. 
Inktober 2018 Double: a practice piece for the 48,000 year old Lynx.
Feeling intimidated by this long panel of the school, but need to push through.
This page has been in development for a while. Need to get it done.
This special Totem is in the current page & he’s such an important part of the story I’m really excited about finally getting him ‘on board’. Trying to keep pushing forwards!
Developing the Temporal Totem into my Compassionate Image
Compassionate Image is my current phone lockscreen. I love it when different strands come together.
Started double page spread for pages 8 & 9
The years roll by…
Page 9 under construction. The centre image is Dasie & her Dad at ScribbleCon 2019.
Page 9 is still under construction. Sketching in the Woman Ember. She’s stepping into the present day, out of space & time. Putting everything into perspective! Needs a lot of working up with inks, but the general structure is there.

Page 9 still under construction. The Woman Ember is needed to help the story progress. The pace is going to shift up a gear from page 10

Page 10 is a beautiful blank sheet right now. Vibrating with potential. Page 11 was started when page 1 was just started. Before the story was formed at all. It’s all been very experiential, and evolving in a way that feels at least as much unconscious as conscious. In fact the synchronicities throughout this process have knocked me off my feet at times.

Page 10 has been stuck for months. I haven’t got past process sketches. Woman Ember arrived to unstick things & that will manifest in this page.
Woman Ember sketch completed today