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I’ve uninstalled the Contact Form, which has automatically deleted all messages previously received. This was due to the high level of ‘bot-spam’ received.

Most pages still have Comments enabled, and hopefully the ‘image captcha’ on these will filter out the ‘bot-spam’. If a comment is not approved it will be automatically deleted. If it is approved it will be visible to visitors of the website. If you have second thoughts & want a comment deleted then just make a second comment requesting this & I’ll carry out the request no problem, by deleting both comments.

I don’t have any other plugins that collect comments (e.g. Social media plugins/Widgets) & I don’t use ‘cookies’ to track any visitors, so you can visit with peace of mind that I just want you to enjoy the art & have a nice chill visit 🙂

If you want to get in contact directly with me the best way is by good old fashioned email:


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