Etsy Shop

I opened an Etsy shop. Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while.
So far there’s only 1 painting for sale there. A watercolour I did of a statue in Lindisfarne… Over 20 years ago!
Hopefully will put some more recent paintings up for sale before too long!

Here’s the link: Etsy Shop

Personal Art Projects

I created a new Portfolio folder on the website today for personal art projects. This is a place for some art I’ve done over the years with more of a therapy connection. Another step in the direction of integration. 2018…

A wise old Owl

Very busy at work & struggling to find time for drawing. Here’s a pen & ink illustration of an owl I drew more than 20 years ago in Sunderland. Trying to connect with the past for inspiration.

Painting completed

I finished the painting as a present for my wife. It’s the first painting I’ve done in about 10 years I think. There are several things I’d change (proportion mainly), but it had reached a balance that I liked so it seemed the right time to step back & give it as a present. Fortunately my wife & daughter love it, which was my goal, so even if there are some proportion glitches I still count it as a success.

(Maybe one day I’ll tweak that left eye!)


Doing my first painting for… well, several years at least. It’s of my wife & daughter. & right now it’s very challenging. Probably not helping that I’m also using paints from several years ago! Still, shouldn’t blame the tools…!

Web Design

I’ve got no training in web design, and definitely not in coding, so my recent tweaks to this website have been a steep learning curve. Any constructive feedback and/or tips from visitors here would be appreciated! Thanks & best wishes, Adam

Star Wars The Last Jedi

I made it to the minute past midnight showing on the first day of general release, as I also did for The Force Awakens (& BVS!), & am pleased I did.
I enjoyed some of the scenes with Luke so much I can forgive the movie for other scenes that just didn’t gel with me (riding on CGI space-horses springs to mind!).

There are definite niggles with this one though.

Moomin on the Moon

Finished this drawing of Moomin on the moon this evening. I think there’s more than a little of Gromit in Moomin’s expression here!

With much respect to Tove Jansson who created the moomins. Copyright of the Moomins remains with Tove Jansson’s family & this drawing was ‘fan-art’ for a present, not for profit 🙂

My daughter & I were lucky enough to see a great presentation & Q&A by Tove Jansson’s niece, Sophia Jansson, when we were at The Lakes Comic Art Festival this year. It was wonderful to find out more about the life & works of Tove Jansson & her fantastic Moomin legacy.

Web Site Tweaking

Have done some tweaking of this website this weekend. Shuffling around of pages. It took a while to find out how to change the ‘Home Page’ from ‘About’ to ‘Portfolio’ but I did it. The solution was hidden away in Settings—Reading. Thought I’d share that, as it took a while to find!
Haven’t figured out yet how to make the individual images in portfolio open up to full-screen when you click on them. It’s pretty much all a ‘work in progress’.

CYPORG & The Mystery of the Disappearing Twitter Impressions……

Fan art

I tweeted this last week, with hashtag of Cyporg, and within a couple of days (maybe thanks to a ‘like’ from Mark Hammil on Twitter) it had over 7,300 ‘impressions’ (views) showing on Twitter Analytics, so was showing as my most popular tweet of the month so far.
Bizarrely, 2 days ago, on Twitter Analytics the impressions showed as totalling 1,300, so over 6,000 had just ‘disappeared’. And this morning the total impressions of this tweet have dropped to 266! Curioser and curioser.

(update: back up to over 8,000 now. Just glitchy I guess.)