Christmas Eve

Been at work today with some friendly folks & had a conversation about website domain names. I love my little space on the internet here at & I’ve got some ideas about how to take it to ‘the next level’ in 2016. Comic adventures await…

Looking forward to a peaceful & happy Christmas with my family including my dear Mum who’s staying with us now.

Happy Christmas wished to all visitors of! Peace out! 🙂


Star Wars The Force Awakens

I enjoyed the heck out of SW:TFA at the premiere at Bolton Vue at a minute past midnight on Thursday 17th. Never seen a multiplex so busy & buzzing. I had to beat any spoilers, and I’m pleased I did with what’s been going round Twitter in the last 24 hours.

Off to Leeds Odeon to watch it now for my 2nd viewing with my beautiful wife & her brother & Dad.
Looking forward to this 2nd viewing, then hopefully a 3rd & 4th viewing over the next couple of weeks!
Already love this movie!!!

Oh, and my crusty old Millennium Falcon t-shirt has gone into semi-retirement… As my new Han Solo t-shirt arrived in the post today.


Star Wars

Less than 24 hours to go now… & hopefully I’ll be sitting in the cinema at a minute past midnight waiting for those familiar stirring chords


Smart phones

My new Nokia 950 uploads posts & generally interfaces with the internet a lot ‘swishier’ & ‘smoother’ than my previous phone (Nokia 1020), but when will enough be enough? Where’s it all heading with technology?
Smartphones can be really addictive & it’s especially harder for the younger generations growing up with this technology to have time away from it.

CBR Jams

1920s Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde in the 1920s. Done for the current time travelling CBR Jam.

Kitty Pryde

Action Figure Sketches


My daughter found her Batgirl figure this afternoon. So I did my Batgirl action figure sketch this evening. Mainly crosshatching with a fine-liner. Nothing too fancy!

Next up….. Batman!


Up to date with The Walking Dead

Yesterday I got up to date with TWD comic book story. All 147 issues so far. It’s really interesting to trace the different character arcs from the comic & compare to the TV series.
I’m hoping to be able to post some reviews
.. but right now I’m trying to figure out how to send different categories of posts to different pages.


Chapter 2: Miles Behind Us

Just deleted this review, as it didn’t really take off here on the website. The characters in the TWD comic are really well developed, but I’ve come to see that in my very precious free time I have little enough time to do drawings without also adding’monthly reviews’ to the ‘to-do’ list.


Chapter one

Testing. Issue 1. Haven’t read this issue for a long time. Tony’s art surprised me, seems almost like a parody now. Rick seems so different. And Glen calling the walkers zombies: ha! Forgot that.
Ok, deleted rest of review. Sticking to art for this website.


Warlock (X-Jam)

R.E.B.’s got a new Jam up on the CBR Boards:
X-Jam with a ‘through the ages’ theme.

My first pick got me Warlock… and I had an idea for Adam Warlock as a prehistoric shaman. It was only a couple of days later that it started to dawn on me… This is an X-Jam…. When was Adam Warlock ever in the X-Men…? The penny dropped that I should be drawing everyone’s favourite Technarch… the New Mutant Warlock. Doh!
I had an idea for New Mutant Warlock, but still wanted to complete my Adam Warlock idea, so I did both…

Prehistoric alien tech that encoded itself in cave art…. Technarch Warlock is a cave painting come to life…

Warlock New Mutants

Trapped in time, a Shaman from beyond our reality, protector of the Soul Gem, and only just beginning to realise the full scope of his mission…. here is prehistoric Adam Warlock:

Warlock Adam

Next up: 1920s Kitty Pryde! I’m feeling hemmed in by the limitations of my ‘sketchy’ style, and will try to open up to developing my drawing technique.