Wonder Woman movie review

Saw the new Wonder Woman movie yesterday and loved it! Here’s my review I just posted at Rotten Tomatoes (I think it’s funny that the 2 ‘smiley faces’ in the text have come up on the Rotten Tomatoes website as question marks! 🙂 ):

I watched Wonder Woman yesterday at our local newly refurbed cinema. I was chuffed to bits to see it with my 9 year old daughter and my wife, both proudly wearing their Wonder Woman T-shirts… I had a Batman T-shirt on, but only due to my limited wardrobe! 🙂 Both my wife and daughter enjoyed the heck out of this movie. My daughter had her hoodie to hide behind for overly violent or smoochy scenes, and obviously parents have to consider the age and understanding levels of their own child as to whether this is an appropriate movie for them. I’m so pleased my daughter went to see it yesterday… not only as she made a new friend (another 9 year old girl on the same row!) but also as there are SO many awesome and inspiring moments and scenes! The movie plays to its themes brilliantly. Gal Gadot is just fantastic as Wonder Woman, giving a wonderfully nuanced performance with a lot of depth, and the chemistry between her and Chris Pine is spot on. I love it that this version of Steve Trevor is really respectful to Diana. He’s a proper gent, not like the version in the animated movie. Also, Chris Pine gives a really subtle performance at times, and his final scene in the movie is really emotional. The whole cast is solid, and the setting in the First World War enables some important themes about women’s rights to be highlighted… Especially important given recent events in our society. I hope Lucy Davis gets lots more moments to shine as Etta Candy in subsequent Wondy outings. I also thought the bookending with the scenes in Diana’s office in Paris were great, as they worked well to keep continuity with the DCEU and the build up to Justice League. I’m pleased they didn’t try to ‘crow-bar’ in a Steppenwolf scene at the end as, in my opinion, the Wonder Woman movie is so awesome and important it should stand ‘on its own’. And it does. This movie surely puts to rest the age old b.s. that female super heroes can’t ‘carry’ their own movie/franchise. I think this is one of the BEST superhero movies ever made…. (and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen most of them). Sure the CGI slugfest at the end (no-names=no-spoilers) was, for me, one of the weaker parts of the whole recipe, but to offset that we have the battle in the village, which is one of the best superhero fight scenes/set pieces I’ve seen, and in the context of a hero who’s primary goal is PEACE. Awesomeness with a capital A & a 95% rating from me. I may need to get me a Wonder Woman T-shirt! 🙂


Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

I have been looking forward to BvS for the last 3 years… so had to see the minute past midnight 3D viewing today, to beat any spoilers. It didn’t disappoint. Brilliant movie. But then when I saw the current rating of 30% on Rotten Tomatoes it inspired me to FINALLY sign up to the Rotten Tomatoes website and post a review. I gave it 4.5stars/90%.
Here’s my review, cut & pasted:

Cards on the table I am an unashamed Bat-fanboy. I grew up with 70s Batman (Giordano, Aparo, Adams) and have loved Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns ever since I first read it in the 80s. So the nods to that story in this movie were much appreciated by me. I loved what Snyder did with Watchmen (one of my other favourite comic book stories I have read repeatedly since the 80s), BUT, like many, I pretty much hated the mega-destruction ending to Man of Steel.
I love that Batman Vs Superman runs with the world’s response to that mega-destruction as one of the main narrative ‘drivers’, and as something that is especially significant to Bruce Wayne at this stage of his life. I don’t want to say more, as that may get into ‘spoiler’ territory… but… Wow. The story is ambitious in scope and I really feel (after my first ‘minute-past-midnight’ viewing) that it largely achieves its massive goals, unlike The Dark Knight Rises movie, which I instantly knew on first viewing had massive plot holes and a large dose of style over substance that led, in my opinion, to an overly ‘bloated’ feel. Another comparison with The Dark Knight Rises is that for me that was not a satisfactory portrayal of a ‘middle-aged’ Batman. Bale’s moody Batman who had locked himself away in the Manor for years after his very early career due to being heartbroken was NOT my conception of ‘The Batman’… whereas Bat-Fleck IS an AWESOME ‘middle-aged’ Batman. Bat-fleck has the Bat-experience and has built the Legacy and is STILL in knockout fighting condition. I’ve been on board with this casting from the get-go and Affleck did not disappoint.
I think Cavill is really growing into his role as Superman and I thought there was a much stronger character arc for him in this story, as compared to Man of Steel. The BvS supporting characters, especially Alfred, Lois, and Perry were all handled well, but the standout character in amongst all of these great portrayals was Gal Gadot’s Diana/Wonder Woman. The moment that she joins the end-fight and her theme music strikes up is just awesome. I felt a spontaneous smile appear across my face. Wonder Woman’s involvement in this fight was brilliantly executed, and bodes well for Wonder Woman’s solo movie next year (I just hope that’s an ‘all-ages’ movie as my daughter will be 9 then). I am amazed that Snyder has managed to cram SO MUCH into BvS. The pieces are falling into place so well for the Justice League movie… not just the heroes being introduced (brilliantly imo), but also the referencing of what will surely turn out to be Darkseid.
If people turn up to BvS expecting a Marvel-style ‘popcorn’ superhero movie then there’s a strong chance they’ll be disappointed. I didn’t, and I wasn’t. Currently the Rotten Tomatoes critics rating for Batman Vs Superman is 30% and falling. I give this movie a solid 90%.

(additional: that was initial nostalgia elation scoring. My rating subsequently fell from 90%, probably now sitting around 75%, but I still think the move has way more strengths than weaknesses. Just an opinion! 😉 )