Cable X-Jam

My 3rd character for the current CBR Jam is Cable. The theme is Dark Future…. So that could just be Cable as is. No need for any change. But I’m imagining Cable as a Taoist Monk who’s found the only way to successfully manage the Techno-Organic virus is to find the harmony of Technology and Nature through the Tao. This is a first rough draft of this idea:

Dark Future Lilandra

Here’s Lilandra for the current Jam over on the CBR Boards…

Following on from my ‘Mad Max’ Havoc I went ‘full-Tina’ with this one… with the source material being respectfully ripped off some Beyond Thunderdome photos.

Draw a Spiderman Jam at CBR

This is the first time I’ve taken part in a ‘Jam’ and it’s great to see all the different pictures being posted. So far I’ve been given: Mysterio, Scream, and Tombstone. If I get Tombstone done next weekend I’ll hopefully have time to do 2 more characters.

The final Jam piece will hopefully be posted up in at the start of December by the organiser, CBR username: EternalSiryn.

Check out the thread here:!

And if you’re interested give it a go and pick a number!

Ok! Next up…. I check to see how to insert links! 🙂