Dasie Litral page 5

Page 5 complete. Themes of safety & danger will be important in the story as Dasie develops strategies to not over travel through time, but also effectively manage anxiety! 🙂

Think I’ll need to use some white out on this page. Not happy with: Inspector/Insect’s claws need highlights as they’re lost in the darkness. Also overworked the face in the Sun (The pencils were better, but too much hatching spoiled it). The word ‘Danger’ also needs tidying up.

Painting completed

I finished the painting as a present for my wife. It’s the first painting I’ve done in about 10 years I think. There are several things I’d change (proportion mainly), but it had reached a balance that I liked so it seemed the right time to step back & give it as a present. Fortunately my wife & daughter love it, which was my goal, so even if there are some proportion glitches I still count it as a success.

(Maybe one day I’ll tweak that left eye!)


I stalled. Cintiq 12WX driver issues again and again. Can’t get that to work anymore. Don’t know if it’s the software, the tablet, or my past its sell by date laptop…. or a combination of those… Whatever it is it’s been very frustrating and I took a step back from it all as my day job can be stressful enough without having to try & negotiate additional stress about my drawing.
So I’ve gone back to trying to find time to get ideas down in a sketchbook. That’s my happy place.

As for this website… I feel I reached my own glass ceiling with it a while ago, and I’ve not managed to get past beginner/foundation level. I’ve looked into different options for posting the webcomic, and I’m just not sure what will be best…

SO… I’m looking at options for support with WordPress & other computer-y stuff…. I need Roy, Moss & Jen or their real life equivalents! Keeping an eye out for that support that will help me break that glass ceiling and progress to the next level…?! 🙂


My daughter found her Batgirl figure this afternoon. So I did my Batgirl action figure sketch this evening. Mainly crosshatching with a fine-liner. Nothing too fancy!

Next up….. Batman!


Just did a quick observational drawing of one of my daughter’s superhero action figures… Nightwing!

WP_20151010_001 1

It was fun! Think I’ll do some more observational drawings of superhero action figures!
Next up…. my daughter has chosen for me… Batgirl!