Dasie Litral cover A

A blog post of the Dasie Litral cover A inks so I can tweet a TwitterCard. Couldn’t figure out how to do it from the portfolio (note to self: autocorrect typing is the enemy of this comic: Need to be on my guard!)

Wacom Drivers

Was hoping to do some colouring of my WebComic this evening on my Wacom Cintiq 12WX in Manga Studio EX5, but just had another 3 or 4 frustrating hours of trying to get drivers recognised instead. Lots of googling, reading different articles, watching different YouTube videos, installing, uninstalling drivers from Wacom: systems, services.msc, tablet service, restarting, different combinations, etc. etc. etc.
& every time hitting ‘The Tablet Driver Was Not Found’ message.

Think I’m done now. I’m not going to get on this particular merry go round again till I can have some reason to hope it’ll be anything other than massively demoralising.
Back to the literal drawing board!

WebSite tweaking

I gave this website an SSL/Https upgrade last night to toughen up security.
Also, I’ve swapped the portfolios around so Dasie Literal & the Mystery Camera Boy is the first thing visitors land on. I’m hoping that the format in portfolios will be ok for the webcomic as more pages are added.

Dasie Litral page 1 inks

I finished the inks on page 1 of Dasie Litral & the Mystery Camera Boy, and have uploaded to the portfolio page.
I overdid the inks on the hands, which I was disappointed about initially, but I’ll hopefully be able to sort out a bit in Manga Studio, & have reassured myself with the knowledge that this is all practice & part of the process with wrestling with this comic that’s been many years in the making. & by making I mean developing in sketch books, scribbles, and dreams, and is only now starting to build into the Webcomic I’ve been hoping for!