Chapter one

Testing. Issue 1. Haven’t read this issue for a long time. Tony’s art surprised me, seems almost like a parody now. Rick seems so different. And Glen calling the walkers zombies: ha! Forgot that.
Ok, deleted rest of review. Sticking to art for this website.


Warlock (X-Jam)

R.E.B.’s got a new Jam up on the CBR Boards:
X-Jam with a ‘through the ages’ theme.

My first pick got me Warlock… and I had an idea for Adam Warlock as a prehistoric shaman. It was only a couple of days later that it started to dawn on me… This is an X-Jam…. When was Adam Warlock ever in the X-Men…? The penny dropped that I should be drawing everyone’s favourite Technarch… the New Mutant Warlock. Doh!
I had an idea for New Mutant Warlock, but still wanted to complete my Adam Warlock idea, so I did both…

Prehistoric alien tech that encoded itself in cave art…. Technarch Warlock is a cave painting come to life…

Warlock New Mutants

Trapped in time, a Shaman from beyond our reality, protector of the Soul Gem, and only just beginning to realise the full scope of his mission…. here is prehistoric Adam Warlock:

Warlock Adam

Next up: 1920s Kitty Pryde! I’m feeling hemmed in by the limitations of my ‘sketchy’ style, and will try to open up to developing my drawing technique.

Action Figure Sketches


Just did a quick observational drawing of one of my daughter’s superhero action figures… Nightwing!

WP_20151010_001 1

It was fun! Think I’ll do some more observational drawings of superhero action figures!
Next up…. my daughter has chosen for me… Batgirl!