Chapter 2: Miles Behind Us

The first signs of the trauma of Carl’s first kill. Meeting Tyreese, Julie and Chris. In the snow. Man those night time snow scenes look so good in black and white. Lori telling Rick that she’s pregnant. Ah, it’s sad reading it knowing how the story ends up. The comic story more than the TV story. Baby Judith’s still going strong so far in Season 6 of the TV show. Whoops that walker almost got Dale’s leg. Lucky escape…. for now ‘old man’. Wiltshire Estates: just seems that the walkers are too conveniently in their homes till the time for their dramatic appearance. Bye bye Donna. Most annoying character so far, but I thought she was on the way to developing a nice streak. Checking out at this point though. Otis accidentally shooting Carl. Whoops. Otis starts off as such a stand up good guy, but his bitterness towards Hershel seems really poisonous to him. Shame. Ah, here’s the farm, and the…. duh duh duhhhh…. barn next door.
But at least Glen and Maggie get to meet. Hershel has such a potty mouth in the comic compared to the TV show. I prefer TV Hershel was more than comic Hershel. He just seems like a much more rounded character and the Bible references are more effective. Finding the prison was a really good end to this chapter, and pretty much spot on the same as the ending to season 2 TV. We’d lost Dale by this point in the TV show though. TV Hershel seems like a kind of blend of comic Hershel and comic Dale during the prison time though.

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