Thought Bubble

Thought Bubble is on in Leeds this weekend coming up, and I think it’ll be the first one me & my cool daughter WON’T be attending for the last 5 years… 🙁
We’ll be at Grandma’s in Newcastle Upon Tyne got her 70th birthday celebrations, so that will be really special but not being at Thought Bubble will seem strange. It’s on at a new venue this year though. Maybe they’ll realise you cannae top the armories & it’ll move back there next year… & We’ll make our triumphant return once normal service has been resumed…?

Sending best wishes to all the Thought Bubble crew, hope it goes well! 🙂


I’ve not been on my site here for too long. I’m hoping that #WordPresston will be a good support place to overcome some of the techy barriers & blockages I feel impinged by.
Hoping to get there one Thursday in October.

Never give up… Never surrender…! 🙂


I stalled. Cintiq 12WX driver issues again and again. Can’t get that to work anymore. Don’t know if it’s the software, the tablet, or my past its sell by date laptop…. or a combination of those… Whatever it is it’s been very frustrating and I took a step back for as my day job’s stressful enough without getting so stressed about my drawing.
So I’ve gone back to trying to find time to get ideas down in a sketchbook. That’s my happy place.

As for this website… I feel I reached my own glass ceiling with it a while ago, and I’ve not managed to get past beginner/foundation level. I’ve looked into different options for posting the webcomic, and I’m just not sure what will be best…

SO… basically I need the A-Team…. & that’s why I put out a call for WordPresston to start up again. I’m hoping that this support group will help me break that glass ceiling and progress to the next level 🙂

So there you go: a Post that started with Frustration and ends with Hope. Not bad ey?

Wonder Woman movie review

Saw the new Wonder Woman movie yesterday and loved it! Here’s my review I just posted at Rotten Tomatoes (I think it’s funny that the 2 ‘smiley faces’ in the text have come up on the Rotten Tomatoes website as question marks! 🙂 ):

I watched Wonder Woman yesterday at our local newly refurbed cinema. I was chuffed to bits to see it with my 9 year old daughter and my wife, both proudly wearing their Wonder Woman T-shirts… I had a Batman T-shirt on, but only due to my limited wardrobe! 🙂 Both my wife and daughter enjoyed the heck out of this movie. My daughter had her hoodie to hide behind for overly violent or smoochy scenes, and obviously parents have to consider the age and understanding levels of their own child as to whether this is an appropriate movie for them. I’m so pleased my daughter went to see it yesterday… not only as she made a new friend (another 9 year old girl on the same row!) but also as there are SO many awesome and inspiring moments and scenes! The movie plays to its themes brilliantly. Gal Gadot is just fantastic as Wonder Woman, giving a wonderfully nuanced performance with a lot of depth, and the chemistry between her and Chris Pine is spot on. I love it that this version of Steve Trevor is really respectful to Diana. He’s a proper gent, not like the version in the animated movie. Also, Chris Pine gives a really subtle performance at times, and his final scene in the movie is really emotional. The whole cast is solid, and the setting in the First World War enables some important themes about women’s rights to be highlighted… Especially important given recent events in our society. I hope Lucy Davis gets lots more moments to shine as Etta Candy in subsequent Wondy outings. I also thought the bookending with the scenes in Diana’s office in Paris were great, as they worked well to keep continuity with the DCEU and the build up to Justice League. I’m pleased they didn’t try to ‘crow-bar’ in a Steppenwolf scene at the end as, in my opinion, the Wonder Woman movie is so awesome and important it should stand ‘on its own’. And it does. This movie surely puts to rest the age old b.s. that female super heroes can’t ‘carry’ their own movie/franchise. I think this is one of the BEST superhero movies ever made…. (and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen most of them). Sure the CGI slugfest at the end (no-names=no-spoilers) was, for me, one of the weaker parts of the whole recipe, but to offset that we have the battle in the village, which is one of the best superhero fight scenes/set pieces I’ve seen, and in the context of a hero who’s primary goal is PEACE. Awesomeness with a capital A & a 95% rating from me. I may need to get me a Wonder Woman T-shirt! 🙂

Twitter Cards

Had the official Twitter Plugin for a while now. But still no options about Twitter Cards.

Cable X-Jam

My 3rd character for the current CBR Jam is Cable. The theme is Dark Future…. So that could just be Cable as is. No need for any change. But I’m imagining Cable as a Taoist Monk who’s found the only way to successfully manage the Techno-Organic virus is to find the harmony of Technology and Nature through the Tao. This is a first rough draft of this idea:

Life Drawing today

Went to Life Drawing today. First few drawings were a massive struggle with proportions out of whack, but the final 40 minute drawing came together better:

Etching from Safety & Danger series

This was an important piece for me from my time at Sunderland Uni.