I stalled. Cintiq 12WX driver issues again and again. Can’t get that to work anymore. Don’t know if it’s the software, the tablet, or my past its sell by date laptop…. or a combination of those… Whatever it is it’s been very frustrating and I took a step back for as my day job’s stressful enough without getting so stressed about my drawing.
So I’ve gone back to trying to find time to get ideas down in a sketchbook. That’s my happy place.

As for this website… I feel I reached my own glass ceiling with it a while ago, and I’ve not managed to get past beginner/foundation level. I’ve looked into different options for posting the webcomic, and I’m just not sure what will be best…

SO… basically I need the A-Team…. & that’s why I put out a call for WordPresston to start up again. I’m hoping that this support group will help me break that glass ceiling and progress to the next level 🙂

So there you go: a Post that started with Frustration and ends with Hope. Not bad ey?

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