Dark Future Lilandra

Here’s Lilandra for the current Jam over on the CBR Boards…

Following on from my ‘Mad Max’ Havoc I went ‘full-Tina’ with this one… with the source material being respectfully ripped off some Beyond Thunderdome photos.


Life Drawing group

After 10 years break I came back to life drawing last month… and it’s one of the highlights of my week. Following a recent promotion, my day job just got a whole lot more stressful. Life drawing once a week is an oasis of mindfulness, and very therapeutic.

Here’s a recent 50 minute drawing I did in the Wednesday group:

And a 20 minute drawing from the same evening:

Havok for CBR Dark Future Jam

Here’s Havok for the current Dark Futures Jam that R.E.B.’s running over on the CBR Boards. I wanted to do my entry as a Mad Max Homage, so this is respectfully ‘ripped off’ one of the classic Mel Gibson images.


The Return of the Menu…

It’s back. A menu at the top of the page for naviationalizationalistic functionality can literally make all the difference!
Wishing you a good day 🙂

When is an update not an update…?

Hi! Hoping to have some updates soon…

… and speaking of updates, I just updated the security on this site, but it seems there have been some intruders at work… Hopefully should have a spring clean soon to get rid of any malicious creepy crawlies.

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Peace be with you 🙂

Checking in…

I’ve not checked in nearly enough here lately. Been super busy at work! And free time is family time with my wife & daughter… But I have been developing some ideas and hope I’ll be making some new art posts here soon 🙂
Best wishes